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South Royalton, Strafford, Chelsea, Sharon, Bethel, Tunbridge,
Orange, Washington, Stockbridge, Randolph, Rochester, and Williamstown, Vermont


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Welcome to HealthHUB

HealthHUB was started in the 1990s by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grants. It is a non-profit 501c3 organization. HealthHUB operates in collaboration with the South Royalton Health Center and Gifford Medical Center. Chelsea Health Center owns and maintains our mobile dental hygiene facility. Many foundations and donors are responsible for our on-going success. HealthHUB offers services in the towns of Bethel, Chelsea, Orange, Randolph, Rochester, Sharon, South Royalton, Stockbridge, Strafford, Tunbridge, Washington and Williamstown, Vermont. Sites are the schools during the school year, and Gifford Health Care during school holidays and summer vacation (dental hygiene services only).

HealthHUB’s mission is to provide high quality, prompt, cost-effective medical, dental hygiene and mental health services to children from preschool through high school, with expanded dental hygiene services to adults.

Why School-Based?

Since school is where students spend a considerable part of their day, providing health services there has many benefits.


Opening our dental hygiene program to those of any age, benefits student’s parents and grandparents, school staff and any community member needing access to preventive oral healthcare close to home.

Our staff includes:

Medical Director – Becky Foulk, MD
Pediatricians – Sam McWilliams, MD and Ashley Miller, MD
Clinic Administrator – Jane Bennett
Mental Health Counselors – Kim Therrien, LICSW
Dental Hygienist – Janine Reeves, RDH

For more information, please contact Jane at